Back to the future – a JRules DVS screencast on YouTube and a ongoing SPVC course

I’m back from another endeavor around OSGi and began with a screencast on YouTube about IBM WebSphere ILOG Decision Validation ServicesILOG JRules : My First Business Rule. It’s been a while since it’s recorded, but I don’t think there’s that much difference between versions to merit taking down the screencast as obsolete to 7.0.2 version. It’s a 6-minute demo that shows how a ruleset deployed to Rule Execution Server (RES) is fired from a Axis2-based client that’s in fact a Eclipse plugin (based on the HelloWorld template). If you’re looking for a compelling example to combine Eclipse and JRules that’s the sample you need. 6 minutes are not that long to scratch your head wondering if it’s for you or not. Go for it!

The another scheduled activity for this week and on is the course ZB300 Developing Business Rule Applications with IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules V7.0. It’s a 5-day, self-paced, virtual course (SPVC) so if you’ve got some spare time you should certainly try it out. I have and will be reporting how it goes in the upcoming days. As a matter of fact, it’s the only available course I could find for ILOG JRules 7.0 (there are other two, but they’re just its parts) and I don’t see a reason not to give it a whirl despite its possible rating from the past attendees. I expect to learn a lot with the course. I wish myself that my dreams come true (in this case at least).

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