Yay! ZB300 labs available again and got contacted by Product Mgr for ILOG BRMS! Awesome

I reported an issue with the ZB300 labs on 04/04/2010 11:51 AM and today, on Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 4:07 PM I received an email back from The BTO Instructor Hotline that the issue should be fixed. I couldn’t wait any longer and fired up my browser and pointed to the lab page. It’s way better now as the controls are available and the Citrix ICA Client opened.

The labs seem to be ready for my further learning and I’m going to carry out the exercises for the upcoming days as I’ve been getting a bit bored with the JRules 7 InfoCenter reading. The Citrix ICA Client keeps loading the image and all I can see is a blank screen of the VMware Server Console.

I hope it will change in a moment.

I learnt my lesson though and now I know that in case of troubles I’ll report them to a helpdesk right away. For the ZB300 labs, it’s The BTO Instructor Hotline and their footer says:

The BTO Instructor Hotline provides support to instructors and site installers for classroom emergencies.

The Hotline can be reached by calling toll free within the United States at 888-502-5511, T/L 888-6000 or direct international at 001-404-238-6000. Support is available via the Help Desk 24 x 7.

You may also send an email to insthelp@us.ibm.com for non-urgent matters.
Email will be responded to within 24hrs.

Worth noting when you’re in trouble with the labs for IBM courses.

As it would not be enough for such a mere soul like me who has just started learning ILOG JRules, Antony Viaud – the Product Manager for WebSphere ILOG Business Rule Management System – contacted me today after I reported two issues on my blog (I wish I knew what the right issue system I should use for further issue reports) in Reported issue with ZB300 labs and reading Tasks chapter in JRules 7 InfoCenter. He wrote:

For the issues you reported, I’d like to know which exact version of JRules you’re using.
I can’t reproduce the minor issue in the Rule Package creation screen with a recent version, 7.0.2 (the latest version being 7.0.3).

Regarding the StackOverflowError in the RES console, I agree it’s quite ugly. Can you explain how you got it?

I was pleasantly surprised and responded with the details I found important (dunno if they were for him). I couldn’t believe the latest version is 7.0.3 either and neither has there been an announcement on the Rule Studio for Java forum, the WebSphere ILOG BRMS Blog nor through the grapevine, so to speak. I wish it’d been.

Anyway, with the ZB300 labs available and possible contribution to the ILOG JRules 7 (when the issue with the missing ‘e:’ gets fixed) I’m quite confident I won’t lose sight of the product for a longer while. It’s getting more and more exciting, especially with the available support. Thanks! It’s always welcome and greatly appreciated.


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