“I hope it will change in a moment.” and so it did – ZB300 labs work fine

These days I’m quite busy doing the exercises in the ZB300 Developing Business Rule Applications with IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules V7.0 course. When I reported the issue with unavailability of the ZB300 labs it didn’t take too much time before they were up and running again. I then wrote: “I hope it will change in a moment.” and so it did!

It works much better than it was before when it responded soooo slowly whenever I moved a mouse cursor or fired up Rule Studio.

Even though it was 0:08 I couldn’t resist doing the Exercise 1: Explore Rule Studio where a student is expected to “explore the content of the WelcomeStudent rule project, its folders and their contents”.

It was a bit late for further exercises so to not make any damage and face issues with unavailability of ZB300 labs I suspended them (obeying the rules and hoping next time it will come up with no troubles).

p.s. Just scheduled a certificate test for IBM Certified Application Developer – WebSphere ILOG JRules V7.0 on Friday, 05/14. The ZB300, the InfoCenter and the Training resources with the Sample / Assessment test should make it a breeze.

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