If 5 units take 2 weeks how will the other 12 work out?

It was on 03/30/2010 (cf. First impressions of ZB300 Developing Business Rule Applications with JRules 7 course) when I first blogged about the self-paced, virtual class course – ZB300 Developing Business Rule Applications with IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules V7.0 so it gives 2 weeks since I’ve started it. If I told you that I’ve just finished the 5th off 17 units which should’ve taken a mere day, would you think that it will take 5 weeks more? I’m sure you will, but I’m also quite certain that it’s not because the course was tough (which is just partially correct), but it was not the only activity I was doing as well as that it was my first course that I studied with a great care, not just followed to reach its end. Even though the course has turned out to be great so far it won’t make you a specialist and I’m glad I could take the virtual course as I can replay it many times (which I’ve been doing quite regularly). Even though I’m at the 5 unit so far it’s been very successful in my learning of what JRules is and what it brings to my developer toolbox, and thus all I can say is that I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Today, I took a look at the stats of how the blog has been doing and I was quite amazed to have seen the following:

It’s astonishing and very inspiring at the same time. I’ve just begun my JRules endeavour yet it has already brought so many readers. It seems people are on their lookout for more information about ILOG JRules and somehow they managed to have themselves got stuck here. I truly wish you a better place for your stay (but honestly I haven’t had a chance to find one) 🙂

If you’re around, come by and I’ll cook something JRules-centric…I’ve recently heard a nice saying which I think fits in well “See you when I see you”. Let me know if it does not.

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