Blog as you go or you go and…get stuck with a stack of notes – still not much about 7.0.3

One lesson I have been taught during the past 7 days when I was quiet on this blog was that a blog is like a application development – you can’t stop it or you’ll lose the pace and have tough times to go back. It happened to me and although I listened to the ZB300 lessons many times again and again to remember all the details I didn’t find much time to write about it due to…reasons I would not anticipate listening from anyone, even from myself (!) I’ve got so many notes from these lessons that now I’m stuck with the stack, the pile of loosely written text files with my notes I wished I’d published once written down. It’s gonna be very challenging to take something useful and comprehensible out of it. My advice would be to blog as you go or you go and eventually get stuck (just noticed that blog read backwards begins with “go”!).

In the meantime, while looking for some general, introductory material for WebSphere ILOG JRules I came across the Documentation page at the ILOG JRules product support website which reminded me about 7.0.3 release which I can’t find much information on its existence though. However, select IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules V7.0.2 in the Product documentation box and you’ll get redirected to the IBM® WebSphere® ILOG JRules Version 7.0.2 Information Center. Change ‘2’ to ‘3’ in the URL, so it becomes and…you’re in the IBM® WebSphere® ILOG JRules Version 7.0.3 Information Center. Note the title, which includes the 7.0.3 version. It wasn’t the case for the previous, 7.0.2 release. A small yet useful change when you deal with a couple of versions and although you can manually change how it’s bookmarked, it’s always something you do not a computer 😉

There is the What’s new in V7.0.3 section so I assume that it will at some point be available as a trial download. It’s still at 7.0.2 level. On the second thought (right after reading the section about the additions to 7.0.2) I think it’s not that important as the changes are around localization packages and possibly not very important at the very beginning. I wish I knew what it is to provide localized verbalizer files for other languages, including Polish. Is it more than what’s provided in the Verbalization section of BOM Editor? Why is it so important to have these localizations included in the product? It’s certainly something I’ll have to figure out soonish.

One response to “Blog as you go or you go and…get stuck with a stack of notes – still not much about 7.0.3

  1. To edit rules in different language you must change locale for Eclipse… ROTFL..
    I asked out instructor about better l10/i18 support – answer was: Wait for 7.1 release.

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