WebSphere Business Monitor Toolkit V7 installation on Windows 7 too involved

It turned out way longer and the blog was quiet for some time. I’m back and thought I’d share my experience with today’s installation of IBM WebSphere Business Monitor Toolkit V7 on IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5.5.1 and Windows 7.

I did know it’s not gonna be easy as described in Installing and updating WebSphere Business Monitor development toolkit and WebSphere test environment V7.0 on Windows 7, but it was too involved and after a couple of failed attempts I whacked it altogether. No more Windows 7 as far as IBM WebSphere BPM products are involved. Too involved mentally. Wish there’d be a version of Monitor Toolkit for non-Windows platforms – Linux or MacOS preferred.

WBMonV7 Installation on Windows 7 failure

I’m gonna install WB Monitor V7 Toolkit on a less involved and better supported Windows platforms. On to reading Installing and removing the toolkit and watching Installation chapter in IBM Education Assistant for IBM WebSphere Business Monitor V7.0. They’ve been keeping me updated for a while and expect so now.


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