Learnt today – no correlation property for BSM yields CWWBV3046E: The property ” was not found

After almost a week, I’ve been able to install Monitor Development Toolkit 7.0 with WebSphere Integration Developer 7.0 on Windows Vista. When I opened WID, the Welcome screen showed up with Samples and Tutorials.

It reminded me to give one a shot and chose Vending Machine.

Imported it as a reference and decided I’d follow along to develop my own business state machine. With 3GBs for the Parallels virtual machine I’ve been working on, it was a pleasant experience – WID worked really fast.

After a few minutes I ended up with a very rudimentary BSM and deployed it onto the instance of IBM WebSphere Process Server 7 that’s installed along with WID, if you did choose so.

The deployment however failed with a bizarre error message: CWWBV3046E: The property ” was not found. It was clear it referred to a missing correlation property I had *not* defined for the BSM (as a long-running process one’s required so you can correlate messages for a particular instance of a process that’s in this case was a business state machine).

After a correlation property was defined, everything went smoothly. I knew a correlation property should’ve been defined, but the error message CWWBV3046E wasn’t very helpful. Wouldn’t it be easier if it said “Hey, your long-running process misses a correlation property”? It’d be much easier and bring some fun too.

To remember: 1) it’s possible to (attempt to) deploy business state machine model with errors, that will eventually fail, and 2) a correlation property is required for a BSM.


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