Rational Application Developer 8.0.1’s out – failure to install license on Win7

It’s been quite an extensive time period for me with the WebSphere BPM product stack – helped with event sequencing in WID/WPS 6.2, run three courses (WPS/WID 6.2 development and administration) as well as some other less time-consuming activities, mostly self-learning by evaluation.

With the latest Java EE 6 specification and IBM WebSphere Application Server V8 releases (WASv8’s still in open beta), I thought I’d learn how to use them effectively with IBM Rational Application Developer V8.

The latest release is RAD 8.0.1 and that’s what I (first thought to have) installed on a fresh MS Windows 7. Everything went very smoothly, but since the trial license expired I couldn’t run the IDE anymore.

It insists on me to install a license, but the only recommended approach with IBM Installation Manager (IM) doesn’t work. It should let me pick up the package I’m going to apply a license to, but even though the package is indeed installed…

….somehow IM is not able to list it properly in Manage Licenses menu.

Wait. It’s only now when I could realize I might have been mistaken as the Installed Packages showed RAD 8.0.0 Beta 2 whereas I had thought I was installing RAD 8.0.1 (!) Doh!

I won’t delete the blog entry though. I’ll leave it for the record and to save you some time to not make the mistake I did. I’ll report soon how it’ll eventually have worked out.

p.s. I’m not sure about the tense – future perfect – in the last sentence – will have worked out – and would love to hear if the last sentence makes any sense for you.


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