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WebSphere Lombardi Edition (WLE) in Prague and webcast about WPS 7’s Cross-component Trace

The past week I spent learning a new offering in WebSphere BPM product stack – WebSphere Lombardi Edition which, if I had to compare it to WebSphere Process Server (WPS), I could sum up as a product for human-centric business processes. During these 3 days I could touch WLE and see by myself what it is to quickly and very effectively (as far as time’s concerned) build a complete human-centric business process. WPS was perfect for integrating disparate EISes and was very technology-rich – WS-BPEL and SCA to name a few, not to mention WAS specs themselves, but lacked easy-to-use human tasks. Unlike WPS, WLE brings human tasks as a main player in this product considering integration as a second-class citizen. The very first days of my WLE learning led me thinking WLE + WPS/WESB might be a very good match *iff* human-centric (WLE) and integration-centric (WPS/WESB) business processes are needed. Gotta spend more time on WLE evaluation. Hope to write my experiences here (or even screencasting it – it was my wish for this year and can’t find enough courage to achieve so – anyone? :)).

Today I managed to watch a webcast Debugging SCA Component using Cross Component Trace feature in WebSphere Process Server. It took me 15 minutes and was very informative. I knew about the feature before, but wished to know if there’s something I might’ve missed in my understanding. I did not yet the concise approach to presenting WPS features, this time with cross-component trace, was very entertaining. I wish there were more webcasts like that one – a quarter for each feature and after a week you might call yourself a WPS/WID intermediate (!) Think about a month following a serie of such concise webcasts – hardly attainable with traditional learning techniques. Noticed it? Again comes screencasting 🙂